We're Back + Ready to Make Hearts Happy!

"Eat Your Heart Out"...Pics for Promises is back!

   We've been under construction but 2 years and 2 babies later we’re back and so excited             to share new heart art and more ways to give. Many of you are familiar with our Street           Hearts project. This has been such a fun experience for us, and we want to expand our      reach from the streets of LA to the whole country.  So we’re now selling all heart art online!

Here’s the gist: Purchase a pic, a donation is made.  Every month we’ll feature a thoughtfully selected charity, and 25% of our monthly profits will be donated straight to that particular charity...and the movement begins. It’s that simple! Please join our community of conscious goods in creating happy hearts all around the world. Spread the word and stay up to date on  all things PFP by joining our newsletter and following along on our fine social platforms.