Kind Campaign

Kindness is not revolutionary, but it certainly can be evolutionary.  Kindness takes work, courage and active thought.  Yes, for some it is inherent and pours out of every fiber of their being, and for others it doesn't come quite as naturally, but is no less important to them.  Is kindness going to save lives right now?  Maybe.  Is kindness is a long term process that can spread, change people globally, and ultimately create peace and, therefore, the lives of many?  Yes.

So, how do we overcome the negativity that seems to be creeping into the world's mainstream, the media's news, and the anonymous bullying comments on social media?  Who are the people behind the driving force of this antagonistic atmosphere?  And what are these people lacking?  You know where we're going with this.  Kindness, love, empathy, understanding.  It seems so easy but proves to be quite difficult.

This is why we LOVE the Kind Campaign.  Their mission is spreading kindness and putting an end to bullying through education and in-school assemblies.  They have become a global movement intent on creating a better world, beginning with our youth.  Instilling kindness at a young age is imperative if we want to build a kind world.  As parents of two young children, we are compelled to develop a kind and loving home, knowing it will transfer into adolescence, adulthood, and ultimately be passed down to their children and generations thereafter.  We understand we must all take responsibility to raise our children in this manner, and only then will this translate into the world outside our home.  Kindness is contagious, and those who lack the ability to be kind, lack the love needed to understand it.  So it's on us, as parents, friends, peers, and teachers, to show our youth how much impact, and just how far kindness can take us.  A little kindness can literally change the world in a huge way.  

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